Sinneshyttå builds and sells cabins in a higher price range in Sinnes, located in the northern parts of Sirdal kommune. They mostly sell one cabin at a time, often with several adjustments for the buyer, rather than many similar ones at the same time.

The web site uses large images to better show the premium qualities of the cabins for sale. The design and typography has been kept clean and neutral to better show the product. The goal is for the buyer to see themselves and their family in this specific cabin.

This was a team effort in AD. Moment. I have designed and programmed the website based on unfinished wireframes and the brand guidelines for Sinneshytta. The website runs on WordPress and is fully responsive. I have also photographed most of the interior photos on the website.

The site has been redesigned some time after I left AD. Moment and my work is no longer available online, but my photographs are still in use.