This is a project from year 2 of my BA at UCA for the subject «The Editorial Process» where we explored publication design. The task was to develop a magazine based on two random words given at the start of the project. I got «Inventive» and «Ceramics» as my two words, with which I decided to create a lifestyle magazine for a fictional world where everything and everyone is made of ceramics.

The end result was a magazine screen printed in two colours on ceramic tiles. The magazine was not bound and as such did not have any normal understanding of progression. To help the reader as much as possible I chose a fairly classic layout with four columns and a fairly simple flow of text. Each article has it’s own colour to further help the reader understand what goes together.

I have designed the layout, typeset the content, made illustrations and printed on ceramic tiles. Printing this turned out somewhat challenging as Adobe Garamond has fairly thin lines making it hard to find a fine enough screen for the printing. The ink did not fully fix either, which made it necessary to print several «pages» multiple times. Once fixed the end result ended up pretty well.